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PHOTO-image Solder Resist Ink

Alkali developing type photoimageable solder resist ink for high density pattern PWBs.
PRODUCTS DPR-805G , T-16 DPR-805 , MW-2 DPR-805 , CV-1 DPR-5FG-1
Applications Plated Thru-hole PWB
(1 component)
Marking Ink (White)
(1 component)
Marking Ink (Black)
(1 component)
Flexible PWB such as FPC or COF
UV Exposure (mj) 300~600 400~1,000 400~1,000 300~700
Post curing 150°C × 60min. 150°C × 60min. 150°C × 60min. 150°C × 60min.
Adhesion (on Cu) 100/100 100/100 100/100 100/100
Solder Resistance
(260°C - 5sec.)
≥4 times ≥3 times ≥3 times 1 times
Nonelectrolytic Nickel Plating Good Good Good Good
Gold Plating Good - Good Good
Tin Plating - - - -
Surface Insulation
(65°C - 95%RH)
5 × 1012Ω 1 × 1012Ω 1 × 1012Ω 6 × 1011Ω
Shelf Life(25°C) 3months 3months 3months 2months

Heat Curing Solder Resist Ink

Heat Curing type CCR-series have excellent heat resistance and chemical resistance with good dielectric property. Most suitable for Cu, Sn/pb through hole PWBs.

Applications for TAB w/quality
for Package PWB
standard (2-comp.)
Thru-hole PWB fine TAB (2-com) Flexible PWB with no-warp (1-com)
Heat Curing 130°C × 10min. 130°C × 10min. 130°C × 30min. 150°C × 30min.
Adhesion (on Cu) 100/100 100/100 100/100 100/100
Plating resistance Good
(electrolytic Au)
(electrolytic Au)
(electrolytic Au)
(nonelectrolytic Sn)
Glass Transition (Tg) 152°C 152°C 145°C 45°C
Solder resistance
(260°C - 5sec.)
≥3 times passed ≥6 times passed ≥3 times passed 1 times passed
Surface Insulation
(65°C - 95%RH)
5 × 1012Ω 5 × 1012Ω 2 × 1012Ω 5 × 1012Ω
Shelf Life (25°C) 6 months 3 months 6 months 2 months

Peelable Solder Mask Ink & Plating Resist

Peelable Masking Inks & Plating Resist Ink for nonelectrolytic plating process
Color & State Blue paste
Viscosity (25°C) 40~60Pa.s
hixotropic Index 5
Curing in box oven 130~150°C×10min.
Surface Insulation ≥1010Ω
Corrosion Test Passed (on copper foil)
Solder Resist 5-sec. ≥3 times
(220°C - 4min)
≥4 times
Shelf Life(25°C) 6months

MR-301 / MR-303 &

Color & State RV (black paste)
B (blue paste)
Solid Content (wt%) 55
Viscosity (25°C) 20~30Pa.s
Drying Condition 80°C × 10min.
Adhesion 100/100
Ni/Au Plating Resist. Passed
Removing 1~3%NaOH
Contamination Very good
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