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Insulation Paste for Build up


Epoxy resin base, two components type insulation that is used for Build up board.

◆ Cured film has excellent adhesion, solvent resistance, heat resistance.

◆ It has excellent properties in laser drilling process.

◆ Easy desmear treatment, can get peel strength of Electro-less copper plate.

◆Cured film corresponds of [UL/94V-0], no used of chlorine, phosphorine and antimony base Fire Retardants.

Polymer Thick Paste for Via-Plugging

High density, high function PWB can be achieved by filling VIH in Build up Process, Blind via in multi-layer process with PTF materials.
Feature Conductive Non Conductive
Material Inorganic Filler Silver powder Sillice fine powder
Resin Epoxy / 1 component Epoxy / 1 component
Curing conditions Pre-cure 110 - 130°C × 20 - 60min. 120 - 140°C × 20-60min.
Post-cure 150 - 180°C × 30 - 60min.. 160 - 170°C × 30-60min.
Volume resistivity 4 × 10-4Ωcm 5 × 1015Ωcm
Glass transition point 110°C 120 - 130°C
Coefficient of thermal expansion 90 ppm 40-50 ppm
Thermal conductivity 1.6 W/mK 1.2 W/mK
Shelf-life 3 months 3 months
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